How to Draw a Black Hawk Helicopter Step by Step

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The Black Hawk helicopter entered military service in 1979 and is used to provide air assault, medical evacuations and other general supports. Learning how to draw the Black Hawk is useful when creating military sketches or fantasy scenes. When drawing a Black Hawk having an image available for reference will help with the details. Start with an outline of a regular helicopter and adjust for the Black Hawk such as adding the back tail rotors and the four main blades.

Have an image of a Black Hawk for reference to an easy-to-view location.

Draw a vertical line for the centerline of the Black Hawk. The line should be the length of the helicopter.

Draw a triangle on the left side about one quarter of the way in.

On the right side of the triangle, create a vertical line parallel to the centerline to represent the tail.

Add the rotor blades by drawing a horizontal lines at end of the tail and lines to represent the blades.

Sketch in the cabin by starting at the top of the triangle and creates a line that curves around and below the centerline.

Create two small squares on top of the triangle and draw vertical lines for the four main blades.

Draw two lines coming down from the bottom of the front cabin and another two lines in coming down from the back of the cabin. Add circles to the lines to represent the wheels

Adjust lines as needed and erase any unnecessary lines like the triangle.

Add other details such as numbers and lettering.

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