How to Get Printable Newspaper Coupons

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Every week, newspapers across the country print coupons for consumers to use at grocery stores, department stores, and restaurants, allowing consumers to save money on everyday goods and services. Every now and then, a consumer will see an especially valuable coupon want more copies of that coupon. It is illegal to photocopy, print, or attempt to forge these coupons. However, there are many new legal ways for coupon fans to gather savings and print coupons at home.

Use Facebook as a tool to gather coupons for products. Many companies now use Facebook as a marketing tool and will provide additional coupons that appeared in newspapers for those consumers that "like" their page. Many of the coupons will open in a new window on the computer.

Use an Internet site such as to print coupons for free. Many of these coupons are the same as those that were in newspapers 1 to 4 weeks prior.

Load the coupon printing system to your computer. Once a coupon is found, clippers will be taken to a page with a button that says "Install Coupon Printer" or similar button. Once that box is clicked, pop up boxes will appear.Choose "run" to load the program. Follow the prompts, accept any terms and conditions and enter in the information for the system to link with the computer's printer. The coupon printing system take approximately 1 to 4 minutes to load and needs to be loaded only once.

Visit company websites. Consumers may have to search to find coupons, but many companies offer web access to coupons for certain products.

Utilise a coupon clipping service. These services will charge a fee for clipping coupons and shipping them to consumers, but will often be able to clip and print infinite amounts of coupons for a specific product.

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