How to Make a Mashup Song in Movie Maker

A "mashup" song is two or more songs that are combined together into a single file. These are often made into videos using a video clip or image in Windows Movie Maker, and then uploaded to video sites such as YouTube.

If you want to create a mashup song, you can use Movie Maker, which should already be available on your Windows machine.

Click "Start" in Windows and select "All Programs," and then "Windows Movie Maker."

Click "File" and select the "Import " option.

Double-click on an MP3 file to import. Repeat this process for any other songs you want.

Click and drag each MP3 file down to the "Music" section at the bottom in the order in which you want. You'll see the music files listed on a timeline there, showing what song plays at what time.

Import a video or picture as well. Click and drag the file down to the "Video" section. Click "File" and select "Save" to name and save your mashup.