How to Celebrate a 23rd Birthday

A 23rd birthday celebration is not a milestone or a huge turning point, but it's yet another step into adulthood and the real world.

People around this age are generally embarking on a slew of "firsts," as they may have just graduated college, entered their first serious adult relationship or landed their first real job. This is the year when you might celebrate with a more mature birthday celebration instead of the drunken debauchery of years past.

Determine the venue for your celebration. If you plan to celebrate in a restaurant, call ahead to book a private room for you and your friends and loved ones. If you want to go to a club, see if you need to make special arrangements because you are coming en masse. Both are good venues for a 23rd birthday; you could even do a combination and go out to eat before a night of dancing at a local nightclub.

Surround yourself with people that have like-minded interests. At 23, birthday parties are no longer about how many people can attend your party or how many random strangers you can have drinks with. Instead, you want people around who are going to enhance your good time. Go out dancing and invite your favourite friends who enjoy cutting loose on the dance floor. Or, if you want to do something more low-key, go for a hike and camping with friends or loved ones who enjoy doing the same thing.

Request gift cards and cash instead of random presents. At 23, you are starting to make your way in the world. You may have a new apartment or be in the process of building a professional wardrobe; gift cards and money can go a long way toward helping your cause.

Enjoy your celebration, but be a bit more responsible as you may have been in years past. When you turned 21, and maybe even 22, you may have imbibed with friends until you could barely see. Turning 23 should show some growth; imbibe responsibly and focus on enjoying the people you've surrounded yourself with for your special day.