How to Remove a Needle From a Sony PS LX110 Record Player

Sony's PS-LX110 DC servo motor, belt-drive turntable plays records at either 45 or 33 RPM and includes an automatically returning tonearm. Sony supplies an adaptor if you want to use 17-cm records. The needle can be lifted during play by pushing the cueing lever backward. Sony recommends that you replace the needle -- which is technically called the stylus -- after about every 400 hours of use.

Turn off power to the amplifier and allow the tonearm to automatically return to the tonearm rest, which it will do when the record finishes playing. Press the "Reject" button if the tonearm doesn't return to the rest.

Secure the tonearm to the rest by clipping it to the rest with the fastener. Then slide the stylus guard onto the stylus. This will protect the stylus parts while you remove the stylus.

Grasp the plastic part of the stylus with your fingers and pull it away from the tonearm with a steady, horizontal pull.

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