How to Make a Lego Cake

Liquidlibrary/liquidlibrary/Getty Images

Making a special cake for someone can seem like a nearly impossible task at times, especially considering all the advanced techniques and supplies that are needed to make a real masterpiece. Making a great looking cake does not have to be complicated though.

Lego cakes are simple to make, whatever your age, and will please any Lego lover.

Bake a sheet cake as directed. Allow it to cool completely.

Place the cake in the freezer or refrigerator for approximately 1 hour.

Separate icing into four bowls. Colour one cup of icing yellow, colour one cup red, 2/3 cup blue and leave the rest white.

Use a knife to make the top of the cake level. Lay it cut-side down on a cake plate.

Lay the cake horizontally in front of you, and then cut it into thirds with vertical cuts. Make two squares out of one of the rectangles by cutting it in half.

Spread a crumb coat, or light layer of icing on the tops and sides of the pieces as follows: Cover one rectangle with red frosting and one with yellow. Cover one square with blue frosting and the remaining square with white.

Allow the icing to set by placing the cake pieces in the refrigerator for 30 minutes to one hour.

Frost the pieces with the remaining frosting.

Gather the marshmallow halves. Frost eight in red, eight in yellow, four in white and four in blue.

Place the frosted marshmallow halves on their corresponding cakes. For example, the red marshmallows go on the red cake in a square pattern, and so on.