How to Find My Friends on Reddit

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Reddit is an online community of users sharing social media content that is current news around the world. Reddit gives its community users a chance to share personal stories and boost user visibility and page views on national news to help spread information. Joining Reddit is free and finding your friends on Reddit does not require technical skills.

Open your computer's default Internet browser such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox and visit Reddit's official website (

Log in to Reddit using your Reddit username and password. If you do not have a Reddit account, register for a free account. Registering will allow you to search for posts and Reddit users by name and will also allow you to have an online presence and identity within the community.

Locate the "Search Reddit" textbox and select the box to begin typing and searching Reddit.

Ask your friend for his Reddit username or alias.

Enter "author: usernameofyourfriend" (replacing "usernameofyourfriend" with your friend's official Reddit username) and select "Search" to search Reddit's database for posts including the entered username of your friend. The posts that include your friend's username will appear in the search results, allowing you to view various opinions and share your own thoughts on posts with your friend.

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