How to Place a Delayed Bid on eBay

Bowling balls, Canadian postage stamps, freeze-dried mealworms and collectable teddy-bear figurines rank among the items you can win on eBay. When competing for an item on this auction site, it's not always possible to be near a computer when the auction ends. Using eBay's delayed-bidding feature allows you to bid up to your maximum price, no matter where you are.

Find the item you want to buy on eBay, then click its link to open the listing. Locate the "Your max bid" field in the centre section of the auction listing.

Enter the maximum amount you're willing to pay for the item, then place and confirm your bid. eBay will place bids on your behalf as the item's price continues to rise, bidding only the minimum amount needed to keep you in the lead.

Check your e-mail. If another bidder surpasses your maximum bid, eBay will notify you. If you don't return to the website to increase your maximum bid, you will lose the auction.

Use an auction "sniping" service if you can't be near your computer when the auction is ending. These services enable you to place last-second bids, so others don't know your bidding intentions until the end of the auction.You may incur a fee to use one of these services.

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