How to empty your bowels fast

The bowels (or intestines) carry out an important function for the body. The bowels filter out waste and other harmful materials. The colon then eliminates the accumulated fecal matter from the body through bowel movements. But a stagnant colon filled with faeces does not function or move properly, causing constipation. The Mayo Clinic in its article "Constipation" defines the condition as fewer than three bowel movements a week. In many cases, a healthier lifestyle and diet prevents constipation or a sluggish colon. But to empty the bowels quickly employ other methods..

Use over-the-counter fibre supplements. According to the Mayo Clinic, fibre supplements are the safest form of laxatives. Drink these pills or capsules with plenty of water for the fastest effect.

Use rectal laxatives. There are many types on the market. Insert suppositories with a waterproof coating into the rectum. Suppositories are small gel capsules that melt, coating the lower region of the colon. Lubricants, such as mineral oil, are in the suppositories. Other laxatives add water to the stools so they pass more easily. These are called stool softeners. Follow the directions on the label get fast relief from constipation.

Buy over-the-counter enema kits. Enemas have a long history of emptying out the colon. Drugstores sell kits that contain liquid solutions is a bottle with a small tube at the end. A person inserts the tube into the rectum then squeezes the bottle to release the water into the rectum. The water loosens fecal matter and brings about a bowel movememt in a few hours time in most cases.

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