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A sheep grooming stand is a standard farm tool for sheep and goat owners. This platform is a place for a sheep or goat to stand on when being groomed or milked. It has an area for the heads of the animals to fit through and be secured in so that the animal cannot run away or move abruptly during these tasks. These types of stands aren't difficult to build, but they do involve a lot of steps to build. Grooming stands are often built at the farm using standard construction lumber and woodworking tools. A wood stand can last the lifetime of many sheep.

Set two 50-inch boards parallel on edge and 25 inches apart. Set two 25-inch boards perpendicularly between them on edge and 47 inches apart. The corners of the four boards should be flush. Screw through the 50-inch boards and into the ends of the 25-inch boards. Use eight screws for this task. This is the frame for stand's platform.

Lay the frame flat and position a 12-inch board perpendicularly in a pair of corners that are made up by one 25-inch board. The ends of the 12-inch boards should be flush with one side of the frame. Screw through the frame and into the boards. Use four screws for each board. These are the back two legs of your grooming stand.

Hold your stand 6 1/2 inches parallel above the ground. The back two legs should be perpendicular to the ground. Position a 40-inch board inside each of the last two corners of the frame. Screw through the frame and into these boards using eight screws. These are the front two legs of your stand.

Lay your 50-inch plywood flat and horizontal. Measure 3 ½ inches down from the top left corner and draw a 3 1/2-inch horizontal line from the left edge. Measure 3 ½ inches to the right from the top left corner and draw a 3 1/2-inch line down connecting it to the first. You will have a 3 1/2-inch by 3 1/2-inch square that is partially made up by the corner of the plywood. Rotate the plywood 90-degrees clockwise and repeat this process. Cut along the lines using your handsaw to remove the two squares.

Set your plywood on the stand so that the corners that were cut out on the plywood fit around the 40-inch boards. The edges of the plywood should be flush with the sides of the frame. Screw the plywood to the frame using 16 screws.

Set one 28-inch board on top of the ends of the 40-inch boards so that the edges are flush. Screw the 28-inch board to the 40-inch boards using four screws.

Screw a 15-inch sheet of plywood to one 40-inch board and the 28-inch board. The 15-inch edge should be flush with the outside edge of the 40-inch board, and the 10-inch edge should be flush with the top side of the 28-inch board. Use eight screws. Screw the last 15-inch sheet to the opposite 40-inch board so that its 15-inch edge is flush with the outside edge of the 40-inch board and so that its top 10-inch edge is flush with the top side of the 28-inch board. Both sheets of plywood should be on the outside of the stand, not the side with the plywood platform. They will hold your sheep's head in place.

Drill two 1/2-inch holes through the last 28-inch board. There should be one hole at each end of the board, each 1 ½ inches away from the ends and 1 ¾ inches away from each edge. Hold the board over the two 15-inch sheets of plywood so that the board's bottom edge is flush with the bottom 10-inch edges of the plywood and so that the ends of the board are flush with the 15-inch edges of the plywood. Use the 1/2-inch holes as a guide to drill two more 1/2-inch holes through the plywood and 40-inch boards.

Insert a bolt through each hole to secure the last 28-inch board to the frame. Place a washer and nut at one end. Use this end as a hinge for the board. Let the board hang down when putting the sheep's head between the 15-inch sheets of plywood, then lift the board up so that the 1/2-inch holes are aligned and insert the last bolt to keep the board in place.

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