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Proper TV antenna placement is essential to having the best possible viewing experience when cable or satellite television is not an option for your home or business. One of the best investments you can make to ensure picture quality is a field meter, used to test signal strength. Though somewhat costly, this device accurately determines the best height and location for the antenna that delivers the signal to your TV, and is relatively easy to use.

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Wearing sturdy shoes and carrying a small, battery operated TV, climb to the roof.

Set the TV in a location that you can see the picture and turn it on. Attach one end of the transmission line to the antenna receptor, and the other to the input jack of the field meter.

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Point the antenna toward the transmitter tower from your local stations. Slowly turn the antenna, watching the meter and the TV as you do. When both the meter is at it's highest reading and the TV is showing a clear picture, you have found the best signal strength for your location.

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