How to make soya milk powder

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Making your own soya milk powder takes under 60 minutes. Manufacturers of soya milk powder follow a specific process for turning soya beans into a powder. First, the soya beans undergo a washing process. Then, exposure to heat tenderises the beans. Removal of the beans' hulls completes the preparation process and the beans are ready for grinding. The grinding of the soya beans yields the smooth soya milk powder packaged for sale across the nation.

Rinse the soya beans well to remove all of the dust. Once rinsed, drain the beans thoroughly to remove as much water as possible. Avoid using a paper towel or other cloth to dry the beans since fibres can get attached. You may choose to prepare the beans a day early and allow them to dry overnight. Though, no difference exists in soy powder results if the beans undergo rinsing, roasting and grinding on the same day.

Roast the soya beans in the popcorn machine or frying pan for browning. For roasting in the popcorn maker, stir the beans occasionally to avoid burning. When using a frying pan for roasting the beans, use high heat and stir the beans constantly. Constant stirring keeps the beans from roasting unevenly. Whether using a popcorn maker or a frying pan, 10 to 15 minutes completes the roasting process. Or do a taste test. Tender beans confirm that the roasting is complete.

Remove the beans from the popcorn maker or frying pan immediately once they appear browned. Place the roasted soya beans into the blender, coffee grinder or special grinder. A quick transfer from heat to grinder ensures the beans will grind to a smooth powder. If the beans cool before grinding, they harden, making grinding difficult. The beans must be warm. Five to eight minutes of grinding time yields smooth soya milk powder.

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Transfer the soya milk powder into an airtight container. Store the powder in a dark, cool place. Use the fresh powder during the next two weeks. The soya milk powder can be added to water to make soya milk, or it can be used for desserts, smoothies or in a recipe of your choice to increase the protein content of a meal. Also, many individuals use soya powder in a warm bath for softening skin.

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