How to Decoupage Fabric Cloth Images

Découpage is a simple way to adhere materials to a surface. Just about anything can be decoupaged. It's a good way to liven up old items or create completely new ones. Decoupaging isn't difficult and you don't have to be a professional crafter to figure it out. Not only can paper be decoupaged, but fabric can as well. Decoupaging fabric is easy, but it does require a special type of découpage medium. All materials can be purchased at a craft store.

Choose an item to be decoupaged with fabric. A canvas tote bag that needs embellishing might be a good choice. Wash fabric scraps to be used for embellishing before you proceed. Iron the scraps before you use them for decoupaging.

Prepare the fabric you have chosen by painting a light coat of Mod Podge fabric solution on to the back of the fabric. Allow the solution to dry. This will prevent any unravelled edges when you cut out your designs.

Cut out embellishments from the fabric using scissors. These can include long strips that go across the top of your fabric items, or smaller designs such as flowers and hearts or polka dots. Mix different prints or patterns for whimsical results.

Adhere the fabric pieces to the tote bag or other fabric item. Brush Mod Podge on to the back of the design and place it on the item to secure it. Press down with your fingers to release any air bubbles.

Paint another layer of Mod Podge Fabric over the designs to provide a seal for your work. Allow the Mod Podge Fabric solution to dry.

Decorate your finished item with other embellishments, such as ribbons, buttons, beads or crystals, by using a hot glue gun once the Mod Podge Fabric solution is dry.

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