How to Keep Iceberg Lettuce Fresh Longer

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Iceberg lettuce is mainly made up of water and has little nutritional value, but it still adds a delicious crunch to any salad or sandwich. By making a good selection in the grocery store and storing it properly, you can ensure iceberg lettuce's lasting crispness and freshness.

Buy iceberg lettuce wrapped. This way you can be sure that it has not been directly handled by other customers. The outer leaves are less likely to fall off than those that are unwrapped.

Check that the head of lettuce is green all around; a light brown bottom stem is OK.

Remove plastic when storing lettuce in the refrigerator. Cling film will cause the lettuce to heat up and thereby lose its crispness.

Store on the refrigerator's bottom shelf, toward the rear wall, or in the crisper drawer. Typically, these are the coolest parts.

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