How to Use a Kitchen Cabinet As a Breakfast Bar

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A kitchen cabinet is easily used as a breakfast bar through a few simple repairs and proper placement in your home. A breakfast bar is a convenient spot for quick breakfasts and morning coffee breaks. It can add an informal eating for quick meals on the go, so your formal dining room does not have to be utilised all the time. This space can also be used as a craft counter, a makeshift bar during parties or even extra seating during major events, like Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners.

Dust off the cabinet off and move it to the desired location in your kitchen. Assess the cupboard and determine whether it needs painting, new doors or new handles. Make a list of what you need for your DIY project.

Paint, update doors and modify handles accordingly. If the kitchen cabinet was a part of your existing cabinetry, giving it a fresh appearance can make it look like a new piece. If the cabinet was part of a set other than the items in your kitchen, modify it to the same style (contemporary, traditional, country, etc.) as your kitchen.

Push stools or parsons chairs up to your breakfast bar. Add a vase of flowers to the table. Your new home for many morning coffees and the site for many hours of brunch conversation is complete.

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