How to Make "Digimon World Data Squad" Run Faster on PCSX

Running video games at full speed is necessary to appreciate the way the game was originally designed to be played. Unfortunately, video game emulators for some video game systems, like the Sony PlayStation 2, do not run every game at full speed. One of those games, "Digimon World Data Squad," can be sped up by changing some of the settings of the PlayStation 2 emulator, PCSX2.

Download and install "PCSX2" from the developer's website if you have to do so. Open PCSX2 on your computer and click the "Config" button on the top of the window.

Click the "Plugin/BIOS Selector" option from the small menu that appears after clicking the "Config" button. The plugin menu will appear.

Single-click the "Configure" button near the "GS" subheading. This opens the graphics configuration menu. Select "Direct3D9" as the renderer engine and click "Native" as the resolution. Click "OK" to save the graphics settings.

Single-click "Configure" next to the "SPU2" subheading. Select "Linear" next to the "Interpolation" subheading. Click "OK" to return to the previous menu.

Single-click "OK" on the main plugins menu to apply all the settings changes. Click the "System" button at the top of the main PCSX2 window. Click "Boot CDVD" and select the "Digimon World" game file and click "OK." Digimon World will now run much faster while using PCSX2.

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