How to treat spots from waxing your face

Steve Mason/Valueline/Getty Images

Many women wax their upper lip and eyebrow area; However, waxing can cause irritation in some people more than others, especially if you have sensitive skin. Directly after waxing, most women have some irritation such as red spots, But that redness usually subsides after one to two hours.

If you are experiencing red spots, dark marks or pimples longer than one to two hours after waxing, it's time to take action. The treatment may be as simple as a home remedy, or it may require a prescription.

Make sure all wax is removed from your face. If not, remove the remaining wax with cold water.

Apply ice to the irritated area for several minutes.

Test a one per cent over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream or ointment on your inner arm to make sure your skin reacts OK to the ointment. If there is no negative reaction, apply the cream or ointment to the irritated area on your face. Apply twice per day for two days.

Call a doctor if the spots or marks do not subside after one to two days. If you are experiencing pimples, continue to wash the irritated area regularly and watch for any unusual greenish, yellowish pus. Call a doctor if this occurs.