Instructions on how to draw a mandala Images

Mandala is a Sanskrit word for "healing circle." Drawing mandalas is a gentle way to get in touch with the subconscious. Drawing mandalas can help a person move through fears and mental blocks, understand the inner self and fulfil dreams.

Although a mandala is, in its own way, a work of art, practically anyone can draw one. All that is needed to draw a mandala is a few art supplies and an open mind.

Set aside one hour when you can be alone. Create a serene environment in which to work. Light a candle or incense and play soothing New Age or classical music.

Lay out your supplies and sit comfortably in your chair.

Quiet your mind. Take a few deep breaths. Breathe in love and let go of tension, fear, worry or anything that is bothering you.

Set an intent for the mandala. It can be love and what that means to you or it can be a fear you want to work through, or something you want to attract to your life.

Place the round object on the paper and draw around it with the pen or pencil.

Fill the circle with whatever shapes and colours you feel are right for you at the moment. There are no rules and no mistakes in this process. Allow your inner spirit to guide you and don't try to make sense of the design at this point.

Stop when the mandala tells you to. If you feel that it isn't finished, you may set it aside and finish it another day. Date the mandala. If you worked on it over several days, note each day you worked on it.

Post the mandala on a wall or prominent place where you will see it regularly. Look at it a few minutes each day and allow it to explain itself to you. Note your thoughts and observations in the margins around the mandala.