How to Report a Threat to the Police

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Your personal safety and the safety of your family members are important. That is why you should file a police report if you receive a threat. Even if you are not certain that the person who threatened you would actually do you harm, you should file a report with the police to have the incident on record in case something does happen. How you file a police report regarding a threat depends on where you live, though the basic concept of filing a report is the same everywhere.

Go to your local police department and obtain a police report form from the desk sergeant on duty. This form allows you to provide complete information regarding yourself, the accused and the threat that occurred.

Enter the required information on the police report form. It is helpful if you know the exact date of the threat as well as the full name, address and contact information of the accused.

Give the form to the desk sergeant and wait while he gives your report a case number. Keep the case number for your records.

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