How to Leave a Voice Mail With Simple Mobile Without the Phone Ringing

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There are a number of situations that cause you to want to leave a message on someone's phone without their phone ringing. Simple Mobile customers with access to applications on their phone can access services including Slydial and Bluff My Call.

These applications allow you to connect with the voice mail service of a recipient from your mobile phone. Slydial offers the ability to connect using any phone and does not require access to the application.

Install the Slydial application on your phone. The steps for installing Slydial will vary based on your device. To install the application, visit the Apple App Store for iPhone and iPod installation, the Android Market for Android-powered phones or the BlackBerry App World for BlackBerry devices.

Open the Slydial application on your phone and press "Contacts" to call the voice mail of one of your contacts or "Manual Dial" to dial the recipient's phone number. Select your contact or dial the number you would like to call and press "Call." You will be connected directly to the recipient's voice mail service.

Record your message when prompted by the recipient's voice mail message. Disconnect your call after you have completed your recording.

Install the Bluff My Call application on your phone. The steps for adding the application to your phone will vary based on the device. (See Resources.)

Open the Bluff My Call application on your phone and select "Straight to Voice Mail."

Enter the recipient's phone number or select the number from your contact list and press the "Call" button on your phone. You will be automatically connected to the recipient's voice mail.