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If you are planning on hosting an event for the chairmen of your company's board, then you may need to brush up on your salutations, and formal titles, for speaking and writing. Knowing the proper addresses for a chairman, or chairwoman, of the board is important for making both physical introductions, and for addressing formal, written invitations. Practice ahead of time to make sure you have the proper titling down pat.

Address a chairman, or chairwoman, verbally, by including the title before his, or her, last name. For example, "Hello, Chairman Smith" or "Good evening, Chairwoman Goldman."

Double-check the full title of the chairman. Sometimes, "The Honorable" is inserted before "Chairman," for example. Therefore, when making introductions, you would want to say something such as the following: "Mr. Dalloway, I'd like to introduce you to "The Honorable Chairman Donald Forth."

Type, or print, the full name of the chairman of the board on the first line of the mailing address template on an envelope. The title, "Chairman of the Board" will go on the second line. "Honour & Respect" gives an example of how this should look as follows:

"Mr./Ms. (full name)

Chairman of the Board of (name of board)



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