How to dispose of a fridge-freezer

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Strict regulations govern the disposal of old or broken fridge-freezer units in the United Kingdom. The appliances contain high levels of ozone depleting chemicals, which damage the environment. This means that only specialist recycling and waste disposal firms can legally decommission and dispose of old fridge-freezers. Local council recycling centres and civic amenity disposal centres can dispose of your fridge-freezer in a safe and environmentally friendly way.

Take your old fridge-freezer unit to a recycling centre or disposal centre run by the local council. The centre will arrange for a specialist firm to remove the dangerous ozone depleting chemicals and then recycle the other parts of the fridge-freezer. Many councils offer this service for free although some make a small charge. You will be asked to provide your name and address when you arrive with the fridge-freezer.

Ask your local council to pick up the fridge-freezer as part of its bulky waste collection scheme. Some councils charge for this service but others provide it free to some or all residents. Those on welfare benefits or with low incomes may get the service for free. The council will arrange for a specialist firm to recycle the fridge-freezer correctly.

Donate your old, working fridge-freezer to a charity shop, second-hand furniture store or freecycle scheme. Many people upgrade domestic appliances as part of kitchen refurbishment and need to get rid of an old fridge-freezer that is still in good working order.

Get the supplier of your new fridge-freezer to take away the old fridge-freezer when they deliver the new appliance. Many major electrical retailers offer this service. Some will even pay you a part-exchange fee for your old fridge-freezer.

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