How to Move the Stone in "Farm Tribe"

"Farm Tribe" is a computer game in which you build a farm near ancient Mayan civilisation. You must complete tasks throughout the game, one of which has caused much confusion for many players who have vented their frustration on various gaming forums: you must move a stone. It sounds simple enough, but the game doesn't specify which stone you need to move. End your confusion and learn how to move the stone so you can continue your "Farm Tribe" quest.

Position your mouse cursor over a builder.

Click and hold the left mouse button.

Drag the builder to the stone. The stone you need to move is to the left of the waterfall, near the middle of the river. Don't attempt to move the pile of rocks; you need to move the stone with squiggly lines on it.

Release the mouse button to drop the builder when a green marker appears. (The green marker indicates that the builder has an action to perform.) The builder will move the stone for you, completing the "Move the Stone" task.

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