How to Give Your Dog Rice to Eat

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Like all pets, dogs require a specific diet to maintain their health. If a dog digests anything that is irritating to the stomach, it can be uncomfortable not only for the dog, but also its owner. However, by introducing certain foods, such as rice, to a dog's diet, the stomach issues can be easily resolved. Serving white rice to your pooch should clear up the problem.

Use a few sheets of paper towel or a kitchen towel to dry out the cottage cheese. Pour the cottage cheese onto the towels and cover with additional towels. Press down on the cottage cheese to remove any liquid.

Add the cottage cheese to the bowl. Add rice. Stir the ingredients until well blended.

Spoon the food into eight or 10 containers. Make sure each container has equal amounts. For smaller dogs, divide into smaller portions. Larger dogs can be served more.

Cover the plastic containers tightly with the lids. Feed the dog one container's worth of food four or five times each day.

Add the chicken and rice to a bowl. Mix well.

Place the food into a plastic container until ready to use.

Introduce the food to your dog only after 24 hours have passed without any vomiting. Give smaller dogs such as poodles only one-half of the mixture at each feeding. Larger dogs such as German shepherds can have a tablespoon of the mixture at each feeding.

Monitor the dog. If vomiting begins again, stop feeding the dog. Instead, give him only water and other liquids such as broth. If he keeps the food down, continue feeding only the mixture for 24 hours.

Mix together the dog's regular food with the rice and chicken. The food should be half regular and have the mixture. The serving should be one-quarter of what your dog would normally eat. Serve this meal to your dog four times a day.

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