How to Drift in "Blur"

"Blur" is an arcade racing game released for the Xbox 360, PC and the PlayStation 3. The game exercises numerous realistic traits in the control schemes, such as drifting -- continuous and slow sliding from one point to another. Drifting is most frequently used to make sharp corners and avoid crashing into walls, which costs the driver speed and time. Simply pressing the right button at the right time will allow drivers to drift in "Blur."

Drive the track as normal until you approach a sharp corner.

Press the button for the handbrake. On the Xbox 360, press "B." On the PC, press the down arrow. On the PS3, press the "O" button.

Push the analogue stick on the controller -- or the arrow key -- in the direction you came from. For example, if you are drifting left into a sharp turn, push the stick back and to the left as you swerve around the corner.

Release the drift button and drive as normal once you clear the turn.

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