How to Hint to a Guy That You Like Him Through Text

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The dating scene these days is far different from that of your parents. New Media, facebook, myspace, and electronic communication have changed the way people get to know one another and flirt. When it comes to letting a guy know you're interested, while keeping your cool, what you don't do is just as important as what you do. Read some advice before you hit the new message button.

Avoid texting pitfalls. Don't send texts late at night, texts that are more than one or two lines or texts that include abbreviations of your own composition. You want your message to be clear and simple.

Take a deep breath. Relax and maintain a sense of humour about flirtatious texting. Don't get upset if he doesn't get back to you right away or make assumptions. When it comes to electronic communication one person never knows what's going on at the other end.

Send a message that is straightforward and simple to begin the conversation. "How was the game last night?" might sound too simple, but men like straightforwardness, and they don't like it if they feel a woman is playing games. Avoid sending a message that requires a long answer When it comes to texting, men like brevity.

Continue the conversation only if he texts you back. Realise that you can't force a connection, and it's better to let it happen naturally. It will seem needy if you text multiple times without his responding first.

Allow him to drive the conversation. Show interest and amusement at what he says --- as long as it's appropriate. If he mentions the game was great, suggest that some time he explain the finer points of the sport. If he says the game wasn't great, be flirtatious and tell him you're wondering if it wouldn't have been better if you watched it together.

Cautiously use emoticons to keep the conversation light. It's important that you don't sound too serious or demanding in your flirtation, so make sure to use smile, : ), and winky, ; p, symbols to show you're joking. Use "lol" after he makes a joke, to support his sense of humour. But don't do this too often, for example after every message or most messages; that would seem like you're trying too hard. Use emoticons only when the message calls for it, that is only when you're making a joke or responding to one of his.

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