How to Do Zombie Doctor Makeup

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Zombie costumes are almost always a hit and can be taken in many different directions with the addition of costume elements. A zombie doctor is a zombie dressed in doctor's clothes, usually scrubs, with a zombie face and body parts. Don't forget to wear a stethoscope for an authentic doctor's look.

Make it as gory as you choose, as zombies are part of the nonliving and should look scary to others.

Apply white cream make-up to your face and other areas of skin that will be showing once you have on your scrubs. Use a make-up sponge to apply the make-up evenly. You should look white, but not completely opaque.

Line your eyes with a brown, dark grey or red eyeliner pencil. Get as close to your eyes as you can, removing any excess with a cotton swab. Brown or dark grey eyeliner will give you a sunken look, while red will look creepy and scary. The choice of eyeliner colour is completely up to you.

Shade your eyelids with brown or grey eye shadow to add more texture to the sunken look. Apply a little at first, and add more if you like the way that it looks. Cover the entire eyelid with the shadow.

Place grease paint on your face with make-up sponges. Zombie grease paint usually comes in packages of red, green and brown; you can usually find them at costume shops. Mix the colours together to form bruises on your face and body. Place a little green around the edges of your face and blend well to give you a sickly look. Add brown to shade your nose and cheekbones. Use red anywhere you want to appear bloody.

Apply prosthetic wounds to complete the look. Use adhesive made for skin and stick the wounds on your face and body. Make sure that you carefully blend your make-up around the wounds once they are applied.

Put on your surgical mask and apply fake blood to the sides of it to make it look as though your mouth or nose is bleeding. Put on your scrubs and cut a few holes in them on the torso and legs. Make the edges of the cut material frayed and ragged by picking it apart gently with your fingers. Place prosthetic wounds on your legs where the holes are cut with adhesive, so that they show. Apply white, green and red zombie make-up on your torso where holes are cut to look like bruises.

Splatter fake blood on your surgical cap before putting it on to look like blood from your victims. Place your surgical cap on your head and enjoy scaring people with your zombie doctor costume.