How to Make a Mini Scarecrow

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Making your own scarecrow is a timeless autumn craft, but perhaps you do not have the space or the time to create one that is life-size. Miniature scarecrows will serve as festive centrepieces or magnets, bringing about the Halloween feel without the mess or nuisance of crafting a full-sized scarecrow. Have each member of your family make their own little scarecrow and place your scarecrow family by a window to show it off.

Glue together two Popsicle sticks in the shape of a cross. Cut the third Popsicle stick in half so that you have two short halves. Angle the halves to resemble legs at the bottom of the vertical part of the cross and glue them down.

Cut enough inch-long pieces of yarn to cover about a half inch of the ends of the horizontal stick (the arms) and about a half inch of the ends of the angled half-sticks (the legs.) Glue down the yarn.

Cut out a "T" shape for the shirt from your scrap material or felt. The shirt should be slightly wider than the stick-body to make for a fuller looking body. Scarecrows typically wear red plaid shirts but you can dress yours however you like. Cut out an upside down "V" shape for the trousers. The trousers should also be slightly wider than the stick-legs. If you are making a traditional-looking mini scarecrow, use denim fabric or blue felt to make jeans.

Glue the trousers to the stick-legs and waist. Glue the shirt to the stick-arms and torso.

Cut more inch-long yarn pieces for your scarecrow's hair. Glue the yarn just above the middle of the bare part of the vertical stick, leaving room for a hat at the top of the head. Use your makers to draw a face on your scarecrow just below the hair.

Cut a "T" shape with fat stem for a hat out of your fabric or felt. The felt should be yellow in colour if you would like it to resemble a straw farmer's hat. Glue the "T" shape upside down to the top of the Popsicle stick just overlapping the top of hair.

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