How to Cancel VIP on IMVU

IMVU VIP is a paid subscription service on social networking site IMVU. VIP members on IMVU receive benefits that guest members do not have access to such as receiving 5,000 credits per month for spending in the IMVU store and a five per cent discount on virtual goods. In addition, added benefits include no "guest member" tag on your avatar or username, no ads on your page, VIP customer service, the ability to make your 3D avatar have movements and actions and a free set of items for your avatar. You can cancel your VIP subscription on IMVU in just a few steps.

Log in to your account on

Click the tab that says "History" under the main tabs. The main tabs on your PayPal are in blue and white and the sub tabs are the ones in white and blue. The "History" tab is the one in white and blue.

Click "Subscriptions" under the "Show" drop-down list.

Checkmark the "From" box and then change the date. You must change the date back by two years. For example, if your VIP subscription is from 2009, change the subscription date to 2007.

Click "Cancel Subscription" at the bottom of your PayPal account. A confirmation page appears on your screen.

Click "Cancel Subscription" again to confirm your cancellation of your VIP on IMVU.

Navigate to your IMVU account settings by clicking the "Account" link located at the top of IMVU.

Go to "Account Tools" on the right side of the IMVU page and then click "Manage Subscriptions."

Click "Cancel Subscription" on the edit panel to cancel your VIP subscription.

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