DIY dugout bat rack

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Dugout bat racks are used to store baseball bats in dugouts. They keep bats organised so they're not laying around causing a tripping hazard and they also provide quick access to the bats. Homemade baseball bat racks are often constructed out of wood, usually are simple in design and can be built in less than an hour.

Draw a line across a 62.5 cm (25 inch) board 3.7 cm (1 1/2 inches) from the back edge. Draw 12 pairs of lines perpendicularly across the first. The two lines for each pair should be 3.1 cm (1 1/4 inches) apart and each pair should be spaced 8 mm (1/3 inch) apart.

Cut along the lines that make up the 12 pairs of lines with the handsaw until you reach the back line. Pound out the cut pieces of wood using a hammer and chisel. These notches will hold your bats.

Position the 62.5 cm (25 inch) board on edge with the notches facing the ground. Position the other 62.5 cm (25 inch) board flat on top of it so its edge is flush with the sides of the other 62.5 cm (25 inch) board. Screw the top 62.5 cm (25 inch) board to the edge of the bottom board using four screws.

Locate studs in the wall and position your bat rack horizontally against the wall and over the studs. The board with the notches should not be against the wall. Screw through the 62.5 cm (25 inch) board without the notches and into the studs to secure it. Use four screws.

Place your bats in the rack so they are upside down and so their handles are in the notches.

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