How to Design Your Own Nike Dunks Trainers

Ting Hoo/Digital Vision/Getty Images

According to the Nike website, the Nike Dunk Trainer is constructed from leather and features a moulded footbed with Nike Zoom Air in the heel of the shoe. When customers visit the Nike website, they can create custom Nike Dunks Trainers by using the online shoe design application that was recently launched.

Customers are able to choose accents of full-grain leather, cracked metallic leather and custom jacquard in a variety of colours on 11 sections of the shoe. To complete the customised design, you can apply a personalised ID to the back of the Nike Dunk Trainer.

Navigate to the Nike website, and select the Nike Dunk Trainer from the drop-down menu under the men's section of the website. The Nike Dunk is available in high-top and low top. Choose the style of sneaker that you would like to customise. This will open the shoe customisation screen.

The shoe customisation screen allows customers to select custom colours for 11 sections of the Nike Dunk Trainer. You can customise the base, tip, underlay, ankle strap, collar, swoosh, lining, contrast stitching, lace, sidewall and outsole of the shoe.

Make your colour selections by first clicking on the section you would like to colour and then selecting a colour for the section. Notice that the shoe sample changes colours as you make your selections. In the colour selection screen, you can change the materials to full-grain leather, metallic leather and jacquard fabric.

Complete your colour selections for all 11 sections of the shoe design. Finish your customised Nike Dunk Trainer with a personalised ID. You can use a maximum of 12 characters to create the custom ID.

Preview your Nike Dunk Trainer to make sure that you have selected all colours and that the ID appears correctly. Click on the "Add to Cart" icon to purchase the customised shoe.