How to Send a GIF File in Email

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If you have an image saved as a GIF file on your computer that you need to share with someone, you can send it in an e-mail message. People often compress digital images as GIF files to save space on the computer's hard drive and so they can transmit images quickly over the Internet. For example, you might have a diagram that you want to show your friend, or a logo sample that your boss needs to evaluate for a new product. In either case, you can send a GIF file by e-mail.

Launch your e-mail application on your computer.

Create a new message and type in the address of your recipient in the "To" field, or click the recipient's name from your contacts list. If your recipient has already sent you an e-mail message, you could also click on her message and then click "Reply" to create a new message in response.

Type a subject in the "Subject" field, such as "Here is that GIF image we spoke about."

Type a message in the email message window. Click "Attach," "Insert" or a similar command, and then click the folder on your computer containing the GIF file you want to send. Click the GIF file to attach it to the message. Some e-mail programs let you drag a GIF file from a folder on your computer into the email message window to attach it.

Click "Send" to send the GIF file to your recipient.

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