How to Fix a Sony Bravia TV That Won't Turn On

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Some Sony televisions and monitors are sold under the Sony Bravia brand. The equipment features multiple power-saving settings, a sleep timer and functionality for multiple input sources. Problems with the Sony Bravia televisions can include the TVs not turning on. Correct this issue by following some troubleshooting steps.

Check that the Bravia is connected to a wall socket and that there's power at the socket. Unplug the television and plug in a lamp or other appliance that you know works. If the lamp fails to light, check the main circuit breaker panel for the home and look for tripped breakers. Reset any you find, and reinsert the Bravia's power plug.

Change the batteries in the remote control if you still can't operate the television. Remove the remote control's cover and replace the batteries with fresh ones. Try turning the television on with the power button that's on the Bravia itself if you continue to have problems. This will help you identify if the issue is with the remote or the television.

Make adjustments to the power-saving function if the Bravia's picture won't turn on, but the audio will. Pressing the "Power Saving" button on the remote control toggles between "Off," where the power saving is off; "Low/High," where the picture can be seen, but the power consumption is reduced; and "Picture Off," where the audio stays on but no picture is shown. Toggle until "Off" is selected.

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