How to decorate pew ends for a wedding

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Most churches have pews which are lovely but often very plain. Decorate the pew ends for your wedding to give the place of worship a more festive feeling and complement your photos of walking down the aisle.

There is no one right way to decorate pew ends so combine a few ideas to create the perfect look for your big day.

Unroll organza ribbon and wrap it around the back of a pew end. Pull out enough so the ribbon hangs down on each side and extends a few inches past the floor (so the ends rest on the floor).

Hold the ends of the ribbon and even them out so there is an equal amount of ribbon on each side. Pull the ends tight, then tie in a simple knot in the centre of the pew.

Loop the ends and tie into a bow. Straighten out the bows and adjust so they are full and unwrinkled.

Cut the ends to match in length and cut style. The ends should almost touch the floor or barely touch the floor.

Hang a plastic pew clip over the end of the pew. Attach a lightweight plastic basket or cone to the pew clip.

Arrange your flowers into arrangements and cut the ends at an angle. Stick the ends of the flowers into a water tube.

Set craft foam blocks into the basket or cone. Poke the water tube into the craft foam.