How to Make a Dead Bride Outfit for Halloween

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Many people purchase pre-made costumes from Halloween costume stores, others look forward to creating a costume on their own. One costume idea that's easy to make and done as creatively as possible is the dead bride costume; wedding dresses are too expensive to be worn only once. Horror movies often depict dead brides, making it a favourite Halloween costume idea for many. The dead bride is easy to make, creative and one is never the same as another.

Go shopping. Head to your nearest Halloween store or party store and purchase fake blood, dramatic make-up and a veil to help create your costume. You also want fake flowers. Black flowers work best; otherwise pick up a can of spray paint to spray the flowers black.

Retrieve an old wedding dress or purchase a used wedding dress at the local thrift store or online.

Create the effect of death by making the wedding dress look like it's been buried in a casket for years. Tear the dress, rip the dress, cut the dress and apply fake blood anywhere you want on the dress. Do the same to your veil.

Make a bouquet of black flowers. If you could not find black flowers in the Halloween section of any store and you had to purchase colourful flowers, lay newspaper outside and place the flowers on top of the paper. Use a can of black spray paint to spray the flowers. When one side dries, flip the flowers over and spray the other side.

Wrap the black bouquet with black ribbon. For an added touch of death and disgust, add fake bugs such as spiders and worms to the bouquet.

Tear holes into the veil and spray parts of it black and grey using spray paint; you want the veil to look dirty to add to the effect.

Apply make-up. Use foundation several shades too light for your skin tone to make yourself look pale and ghostly. Apply dark eye shadow; rim your eyes in heavy black eyeliner and paint your lips black with Halloween make-up. Skip the blush; after all, you are a dead bride and dead bodies don't have colour on their cheeks.

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