How can I look at the electoral register

The electoral register, also known as the electoral roll, is a list of registered voters in the United Kingdom. At present, it exists in two forms: the full register, which lists the details of all British voters, and the edited register, which does not include the names of voters who specifically asked to be excluded. Access to the full register is strictly controlled and information taken from it can only be used for research, not for commercial or other purposes.

Search online at This is a pay-to-view website which, as of December 2010, lets you search electoral rolls published between 2002 and 2010. Using the site lets you look at information about individuals including their full name, address and age.

Look at a copy of the full roll for the entire United Kingdom at the British Library in London. The British Library also holds many historic registers, the earliest of which dates from 1832.

Look at a copy of the local electoral roll at your nearest local electoral registration office if you are in England, Wales or Scotland. Enter your postcode at the government’s About My Vote website to find the location closest to you. In England and Wales you can also view the roll at council offices, while in Northern Ireland the roll is held by the Electoral Office for Northern Ireland.

Check a copy of the local roll at your local library. The names are arranged in order according to polling district, and in order of street within each polling district.

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