How to use baby oil to remove stretch marks

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Stretch marks are those dark purple, red or white lines that can form anywhere the skin is stretched out from things like pregnancy, weight gain or muscle growth.

If you have stretch marks, you might be self conscious about showing off these areas of your body -- even if you've dropped the weight or otherwise are comfortable with how these areas look. Through the use of baby oil you can help to lessen colouring of stretch marks and get rid of them over time.

Take a hot shower to help loosen up your skin and open pores. Use a body exfoliator in the shower to help remove dead skin, so that you can just concentrate on treating the fresh layers.

Dab yourself dry after showering, but make sure your skin is still damp to the touch. Pour a tablespoon of baby oil into your palm and rub it over the stretch marks firmly for two minutes. Let your skin soak up the baby oil and dry for ten minutes.

Use the baby oil every time you bathe, but try and take a hot shower daily and treat with baby oil following. Exfoliate twice a week to promote fresh skin. If you don't want to wash your hair daily, wear a shower cap and just concentrate on your skin.