How to get rid of spider angiomas

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Spider Angioma, also referred to as nevus araneus, is a skin condition where small blood vessels, under the skin's surface, expand and result in lesions. The condition commonly occurs on the face, neck and torso of children and adults. People with liver disease, expecting women and females on oral contraceptives, are frequently affected by spider angioma. Depending on the cause of the condition, there are several things you can do to eliminate them.

Consult your doctor to determine the cause of the spider angioma. Your doctor may run blood tests, to find out if liver disease is to blame. If so, treatment of the disease is required to eliminate the condition.

Discontinue your birth control pills to stabilise your hormones, because hormones in birth control pills can trigger the condition.

Wait it out. The condition disappears by itself over time. In children this may happen faster than adults. If you're pregnant your hormones can bring it on. After giving birth, the condition will dissipate.

Undergo laser treatment or electro-cauterisation to get rid of spider angioma. These treatments, which are done mostly for cosmetic reasons, burn and seal off the blood vessels resulting in cleared up skin.

Hide the spider angioma with make-up. Dot concealer on the blemish using clean fingers. Use concealer in a tint similar to your skin or apply a green-coloured concealer that neutralises red blemishes. Spread the concealer, so it blends into your skin and is invisible. Apply foundation over the concealer. Avoid using rubbing motions, because you want to keep the concealer in tact. Dust translucent setting powder over the foundation to set it.

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