How to Roll Fondant on a Cross Cake

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Fondant is a substance used to ice or decorate cakes and pastries. This material can be used in poured or rolled form over the surface of a cake, or moulded into various shapes for edible details. Fondant is available in a variety of colours and can be flavoured as desired.

This material, when applied well, presents a smooth, even surface without marks left by spatulas or other icing devices. Cakes of all shapes and sizes can be covered by fondant with the use of a rolling pin, smoothing tool and time.

Place the cross-shaped cake on a cake board or pan. The cake should be centred on the surface.

Ice the top, sides and corners of the cross cake with buttercream frosting using the spatula. Try to get the icing layer even and as smooth as possible to ensure a good base for the fondant.

Knead two packages of fondant with your hands on a solid surface. Coat your hands and kneading surface with a dusting of confectioners sugar If the fondant is sticky. Continue kneading until the fondant is a workable consistency. The consistency should be such that the pieces are easily merged together and solid enough to hold its shape when rolled.

Place the cutting mat on a solid surface. Coat the cutting mat and the rolling pin with a dusting of confectioners sugar. Center the fondant on the mat and roll the fondant out until it is slightly larger than the surface of your cake and even in thickness. If the fondant sticks to the mat at any point, add more confectioners sugar to the mat.

Lift one edge of the fondant and wrap it around the rolling pin until the entire piece of fondant is wrapped around the pin.

Gently lift the fondant and position it on one edge of the cake. Slowly unroll the fondant over the surface of the cake.

Position the easy glide smoother so the surface is parallel to the surface of the cake. Place the smoother on the top of the cake and smooth the fondant on the surface of the cake.

Gently grasp the edge of the fondant on each of the corners and pull the flaps gently out and away from the cake. Smooth the corners with your hand so the fondant fits snugly over the corners.

Position the easy-glide smoother so the surface is parallel to the sides of the cake. Place the smoother onto the fondant and smooth the sides.

Slide the spatula around the bottom of the cake where it meets the cake board to trim the excess fondant off.

Smooth the top and sides of the cake with the smoother until the desired appearance is obtained.