How to Grow Strawberries in a Bag Images

Growing strawberries in bags has a number of benefits. It saves space in your garden and protects the fruit from rotting from contact with the ground. The fruits develop an even shape and red colour, without a white side that occurs when they touch the ground. Gardeners can use commercial strawberry grow bags, but it's less expensive to create your own with a small garbage bag.

Cut two inch-long slits in the bottom of the garbage bag to provide drainage. Make the slits at 6 inches apart.

Fill the garbage bag a quarter of the way with potting soil. Cut two X-shaped holes in both sides of the garbage bag at the level of the potting soil.

Lower a strawberry seedling into the garbage bag through the top. Thread the foliage out through one of the holes, leaving the roots on top of the potting soil. Repeat with the other three holes.

Pour potting soil over the roots of the strawberry plants. Continue adding potting soil until the bag is halfway full.

Cut two more holes in each side of the garbage bag and insert strawberry seedlings through the holes. Pour in potting soil to cover the roots. Continue pouring in soil until the bag is three-quarters full.

Cut two more holes in each side of the garbage bag. Thread the plants through the holes. Cover the roots by pouring in soil until you reach the top of the bag. Water the potting soil until water comes out of the drainage holes in the bottom.

Place the bag in a spot that gets full sun or hang it up in a sunny spot. Continue watering the strawberries frequently enough to keep the soil moist to the touch.

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