How to Make Your Own Personalized Jewellery Display Cards

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Jewellery display cards serve as a "calling card" for a jewellery artist, providing information on the product, the artist and serving as a valuable sales tool. Jewellery display cards can also promote a jewellery line by cross-referencing web site, store and contact information. Learning how to make your own personalised jewellery display cards gives you the ability to both promote your line and create a unique and artistic representation of yourself and your jewellery.

Determine the appropriate sizes for your personalised jewellery display cards. Take into consideration the measurement and weight of your jewellery pieces, designing different sizes, if necessary, for earrings, necklaces and bracelets. For best results, plan for earring cards that are long enough and wide enough to hold the earrings without any "over flow." Necklaces and bracelets can hang below the bottom of the card.

Consider the design elements and contents that best represent you as an artist, and promote your business at the same time. If you have a logo or letterhead design you use for promotional purposes, use that same design on your personalised jewellery display cards to create a consistency in your advertising efforts. You don't want the cards to look too "busy" and distract from your jewellery, but you do want to make the most of the card space to promote yourself.

Design the front of your personalised jewellery display cards to highlight your jewellery design name and/or motto, or tagline. Also on the front, provide information about the product, such as the materials used or the thought process behind the design -- something of interest that would catch a potential buyer's eye in one or two short sentences. Examples: "Made by hand in my Northwest Oregon studio from the finest quality gemstones and sterling silver findings" or, "Designed with the inspiration of wildflowers for the artistic, romantic soul."

Design the back of your personalised jewellery display cards to include your contact information. Leave room for a price sticker. You may also leave room to hand-sign the card, or write in unique details about a product to give it a handmade touch.

Use a card-making software program, desktop publishing program or the "template" or "layout" feature on your computer to set up a document page in the dimensions you want your cards to be.

Upload the design elements you selected and adjust settings to ensure all of the type is legible and fits into your allotted space. During layout, pinpoint where you want your jewellery hanging holes to be to ensure you won't be running into any type.

Select your font colours and if you like, choose a border. If you prefer, you can print without a border and apply a rubber-stamped frame by hand, after printing, for a one-of-a-kind look.

Print one sheet of cards and examine them for quality. If you are pleased with the result, print additional sheets and cut them to size with a paper cutter.

Use an awl to punch earring wire holes and a hole punch to cut necklace and bracelet stringing holes. Create an additional hole at the centre top for display rack hanging.

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