How to Disable Vuze Uploads

Jeffrey Hamilton/Lifesize/Getty Images

Azureus Vuze is a BitTorrent client that allows people to share files. Although this program is used by some to share copyrighted content illegally, it is also used by many to share open-source content that is meant to be shared freely. Uploading massive files can put a strain on your Internet connection.

You can limit or turn off uploads to keep your sharing manageable.

Click on the "Library" icon in the left toolbar of the Vuze program. A list of all your library files should appear in the main window.

Find the file that you want to stop uploading. Click on the "Name" heading in the list of categories at the top of the library window to order the files alphabetically. Navigate to the file you want to stop uploading.

Verify that the file is uploading. Look under the "Status" heading. If the file says "Stopped" it is not uploading. A file listed as "Seeding" is uploading.

Click on the file to highlight it.

Click on the "Stop" button on the top toolbar in the Vuze window. The file will stop uploading.

Find the location on your computer where the files you download are stored.

Move all the files that you download to a different location after the downloads are completed.

Open your library in Vuze.

Highlight all of your downloaded files.

Click on the "Delete" button in the top toolbar. A pop-up box will ask if you want to delete the files from your library or your computer. Choose the library option. The files are now stored elsewhere on your computer and completely removed from Vuze, thereby stopping uploading.