How to Repair & Clean Gravestones

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When a loved one passes on, you might find comfort by visiting his grave site. However, this will probably be a less comforting experience if the gravestone is broken, in need of repair or covered in dirt and grime when you go to visit. The next time you head out to the cemetery bring some repair and cleaning materials with you to make sure your loved one's gravestone stays in topnotch condition.

Replace chipped pieces of gravestones using soft mortar. Push the fragment gently in place using the mortar. If the chip is gone, a stoneworker can recreate an identical piece for you.

Repair large broken chunks or gravestones cracked in half using an epoxy specially formulated for stonework. If necessary, hammer small metal pins into the gravestone to hold the broken piece in place. A drill can be used to make the pilot holes on the gravestone and the broken piece.

Add one gallon of water to a bucket. Mix in one large tablespoon of non-ionic soap. Add one tablespoon of ammonia if the gravestone is made of limestone or marble.

Wet the gravestone with only water and a large sponge.

Scrub the stone with the soap mixture and a scrub brush.

Rinse the gravestone with plain water when you're finished scrubbing.

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