How to Embed a GIF in an Email

While there are a lot of different types of video players for computers nowadays, only animated GIFs can be embedded into an e-mail and play reliably, according to Campaign Monitor. Animated GIFs are an old technology that makes a number of picture frames look like it's moving. They're small and easy to make and distribute. However, animated GIFs don't have sound. If you want to embed a GIF into your e-mail, you have to copy and paste it from an HTML source.

Open your e-mail client and compose an e-mail to a secondary e-mail address that you use. Upload the GIF as an attachment in the email. Select "Upload" and choose the animated GIF on your computer. Click "Send." This saves the GIF in HTML.

Open the email client you sent yourself the email under and select "View" to open the attachment. The image will open in a new browser window. Right click on the image and select "Copy."

Compose the email in which you want to embed the animated GIF . Right click on the body of the email and click "Paste."

Click "Send" to send the email.

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