How to Put Decorative Separators Into Microsoft Word

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Microsoft Word is a word processing application used to create letters, documents, memos and reports. Word has the functionality to add pictures and drawings to a document to add visual interest for the reader. Dividers can be added anywhere in the document.

Placing them at the beginning or end of logical sections, however, is the best practice. Separators can be created in two ways. You can add a line via the drawing menu and enhance it with texture or add a line by using clip art from Microsoft's collections.

Open Microsoft Word.

Click the "Insert" tab. and choose "Clip Art."

Type "dividers" in the task pane on the right. Click "Go."

Click on the separator that you like, and choose "Insert" from the drop-down menu.

Open Microsoft Word.

Click the "Insert" tab.

Click the "Shapes" icon and then choose the first straight line under the "Lines" heading.

Give the line shadow effects, 3-D effects and change the colour as desired from the "Drawing Tools" tab that pops up. Change the pattern, thickness, end arrow and dash options from the "Drawing Tools," then "Shape Outline" option.