How to Find Unsaved Word Documents

Computer failures, power outages or curious small children are all possible causes of losing important information on the computer, including your word document files. The time it takes to produce a quality document can be a disaster if it is wiped out.

Fortunately, there are ways to recover your word documents since current versions of MS Word have auto save and file backup features installed in the software.

Reboot your computer and launch your MS Word application. A prompt will come up, asking if you want to recover the document (go to step 2 if no prompt appears). Click on the list of files that are given and select your desired style.

Go to "File Locations" to find the unsaved document. Click on "Auto Recover" for a list of unsaved documents. Choose you document and click the file name to open. Check that the document is in the preferred form and save the document.

Change your options for auto recovery. Click "Tools," which is located on the top tab of the main menu. This will automatically save while you are working on the document. Check how frequently you want the document saved.