How to find new frames to fit old lenses

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It is recommended that you purchase new lenses and frames each time your eyeglass prescription changes, however you may find that you want to use your old lenses in a new set of frames. Your prescription may be the same, but you require new frames because of breakage or desire for a new style or brand. To do this, you will need to shop around for frames that fit the shape and size of your lenses.

Remove the lenses from the frames using a micro screwdriver. One small screw on each side of your eyeglass frames will be easy to remove. Be careful not to scratch the lenses during this process.

Measure one of the lenses using a ruler with millimetre measurements. Note the shape of the lenses and the measurement.

Bring the lenses, old frames and measurements to an eyeglass frame store or optometrist's office to find a pair of new frames that will fit the old lenses. The store may use any or all of these items to locate a properly sized pair of frames.

Choose several pairs of frames that match the size and shape of your old lenses. Gently fit the lenses into each of the new frames to compare the sizes and determine whether the lenses will fit securely.

Reshape the new frames to fit the old lenses securely. Do this by placing the lens inside the frames and pressing down on the frames gently to fit around the lenses. Metal frames should have be able to be reshaped without cracking or breaking. Once they have been reshaped, place the lenses into the frames and attach the screws.

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