How to Convert Kilograms Per Square Meter

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Kilograms per square meter, or kg/m^2, is the metric measurement expressing mass per unit area or moment of inertia. The customary system equivalents are the pound per square foot and the pound per inch squared. The conversion process from kilograms per square meter to either of the equivalent customary values is simple. Due to the conversion values used, a scientific calculator is required.

Enter the value in kilograms per meter squared into the calculator. Check the entry to confirm that it is correct.

Multiply the value from Step 1 by 0.2048 to convert to pounds per square foot, or by 0.00142 to convert to pounds per square inch.

Clarify the units used by adding the correct symbol after the value calculated in Step 2. Use PSF for pounds per square foot and PSI for pounds per square inch.

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