How to Burn an ISO With Cyberlink Power2Go

Virtual CD backups of real life CD files are called ISOs. If you have an ISO backup of a real CD, you can use it to burn a physical copy of that CD by using a program like Cyberlink's Power 2Go. This program can burn data discs, music discs, DVDs, Blu-rays,Video CDs and ISOs.

Power 2Go also has additional functions such as ripping CDs and erasing rewritable disks.

Download and install Power 2Go from

Click on the "Copy Disc" icon that's four icons from the left at the top of the program menu.

Select "Burn Disc Image" at the bottom of the program screen.

Click "Browse" when the "Burn Disc Image" screen appears. Double-click your ISO file. Insert a blank disc into your computer's Burn drive. Click "Burn" in the Burn Disc Image window to burn the ISO.