How to Send a Photo From a Computer to a Mobile

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You have two options when sending a photo from your computer to a mobile device. The recipient must have Multimedia Message Service, or MMS, capabilities on her cell phone to receive your pictures. The first way is to send via your e-mail program. The second method involves using a free website like PixDrop. Whatever you preference, you can send a photo to a friend's mobile phone in a few simple steps.

Open your e-mail program or Web browser.

Compose a message. For the email address, type the person's mobile number along with their provider's domain name suffix. Common providers include:





Virgin Mobile:

Leave the subject line blank, but type a message in the email body if you want.

Attach a file to the message and select the photo from your computer's hard drive.

Click the "Send" button to e-mail the photo to a mobile phone. The recipient should normally receive the picture within a few minutes, but may take longer due to server and network delays.

Visit the PixDrop website at

Select the mobile carrier. As of April 2011, PixDrop supports Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile.

Enter the mobile number, with or without hyphens.

Upload the picture by clicking the "Choose File" button. Locate the photo on your computer and click "Open."

Click the "Send Your Picture Message" button on the PixDrop site. The picture message takes a few minutes to deliver.

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